My Philosophy

How Do I Evaluate and Diagnose Scripts?

Client 3

Less is More

The pages of your work are valuable real estate: Helen will make sure that nothing redundant or frivolous is taking space away from the content and beauty of your story.

Client 5

Writing is an Art

Art is meant to be beautiful. Art is meant to be enjoyed. Helen will ensure that, although the final product will be its most perfect form, it will still be true to your voice and it will still be your story: you are the only one who can write your story, and it is your authentic perspective that makes it beautiful. Helen's main goal is to make your story more of itself and less of what it isn't.

Client 6

"Good" is Not Enough

There is so much content out in the world: it is not enough for your work to simply be "good." In order to make an impact on the cultural conversation, it has to be groundbreaking, impactful, great. Helen won't rest until your work exceeds all expectations. Together, we will surprise and delight your audience.